1. Commercial

Our client list includes both large and small commercial buildings. From downtown office buildings to business parks, we have the expertise to diagnose, repair or replace your HVAC systems.
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2. Residential

When you contact Performance Air for commercial and residential air conditioning services, you are receiving the highest attention to quality and your products.
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3. Sales & Installation

Performance Air technicians will explain, treat you with respect, explain what’s happening with the system, and give a solution with a cost estimate. Not only do we install, we also sell the equipment necessary.
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Do you provide 24-hour service?
Yes, we provide 24-hour Emergency services.
How do I know what size system to install?
The experts at Performance Air will be happy to come to your home and calculate your cooling and heating “loads.” They will then be able to recommend a system that is the correct size and model to meet your home or business’s requirements.
Approximately how long does it take a service request to be processed?
Most of our heating and air conditioning installations are done in one day, although every job is different and some take longer than others. In extreme weather conditions, we try to get your system working the same day.
Is annual maintenance necessary?
Yes! In our area, heating and air conditioning systems work hard. When anything is operating virtually non-stop for months on end, it needs regular maintenance—just like your car. Without the regular maintenance of a tune-up, you lose efficiency and money. Also, routine maintenance can extend the life of your system. Commercial system may require more frequent maintenance due to high usage.
Can I get a quote for installation or repair over the phone?
We can give a ballpark estimate if we have enough information, but it’s hard to determine the cost of a new system without seeing the system. However, you can always contact us quickly and conveniently with any question you may have.